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                JNTUK 1-1 B.tech/B.pharmacy Sem Reg/Supply Exams Jumbling Centres list Dec 2016jntu board
                JNTUH B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 1-1 Sem (R16) 2nd Mid Exam Time Tables Dec 2016new21
                 JNTUK B.Tech/B.Pharm 1-1 Sem (R16,R13,R10) Reg/Sup Exam Time tables Dec 2016jntua
                 JNTUK B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 2-2 (R07 R10 R13) Exam Time Tables November 2016new21
          ⇒       JNTUH B.tech/B.pharmacy 4-1 Sem Reg / Supply Exam Time Tables, Nov 2016jntu board
           ⇒      JNTUH B.tech/B.pharmacy 2-1 Sem Reg / Supply Exam Time Tables, Nov 2016new21
          ⇒       JNTUH B.tech/B.pharmacy 3-1 Sem Reg / Supply Exam Time Tables, Nov 2016jntu board
           ⇒        JNTUK B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 4-1 Sem (R13,R10,R07) Reg/Sup Exam Time Tables Nov 2016jntu board
           ⇒        JNTUK B.Tech 3-2 (R13, R10, R07, R05) Reg/ Sup Results April 2016jntu board
           ⇒      JNTUK B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 3-2 Sem Reg/Sup Exam Fee Notification Oct 2016jntu board
           ⇒      JNTUK B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 1-1,1-2 Sem Rc/Rv Results May 2016
           ⇒     JNTUK B.Tech 2-2 Sem (R05, R07, R10, R13) RC/RV Results May 2016
                 JNTUK B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 3-1 Sem (R13,R10,R07) Reg/Sup Exam Time Tables Oct 2016
                  JNTUA B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 2-1 & 3-1 Sem (R13) Supply Exam Results June 2016
          ⇒      JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 & 1st Year Supplementary Examination Results, June 2016 – Released
                JNTUK B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 4-1 Sem Reg/Sup Exam Fee Notification Sept 2016
          ⇒        JNTUH M.Tech/M.Pharma/MBA/MCA I Year Academic Calendar For A.Y 2016-17
          ⇒        JNTUH B.Pharmacy/B.Tech 4-2 Supply RC/RV Results july 2016
                 JNTUH B.Pharmacy 1st Year, 2-2, 3-2 Supply Fee Notification 2016
                 JNTUH B.Tech (R15) 1st year Supplementary Results-Aug 2016
          ⇒       JNTUA B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 2-2 Sem (R13) Reg/Sup Results May/June 2016
          ⇒        JNTUH B.Pharmacy/B.Tech 1st Year RC/RV Results May 2016
                JNTUK MBA 2nd Sem (R13,R09) Regular Supply Exam Results May 2016
          ⇒       JNTUK 4-1 Sem (R13) B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 1st Mid Exam Time Tables Aug 2016
                JNTUK IMBA I Year I,II Semester Academic Calender of 2016-17
          ⇒     JNTUK B.Tech 2-2 Reg/Sup Results 2016 – Links Updated
          ⇒       JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Sem Revaluation/Recounting Results May 2016
                JNTUH B.Tech 2-2 and 3-2 Rc/Rv Results, May 2016
         ⇒      JNTUA B.Tech (R09) 2-1,3-1 and 1st Year Supply Results june/july 2016
               JNTUK B.Pharmacy 1-1 Supply Results (R13,R10,R07) 2016
              JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Reg/Sup Results (R13,R10,R07,R05) 2016
              JNTUH B.Pharmacy/B.Tech 1st Year R15 Adv Sup Exam Fee Notification Aug/Sep 2016
               JNTUH B.Pharmacy/B.Tech 1st year (R15) Advanced Supply Exam Time Tables
               JNTUH B.Pharmacy/B.Tech 1st year (R15) Adv Supply Exam – info
               JNTUH B.Pharmacy 4-2 Sem Advanced Supply Results 2016 – Released
               JNTUH B.Tech 4-2 Sem Advanced Supply Results 2016 – Declared
         ⇒      JNTUK B.Tech (R13,R10) 1-1 Semester Supply Results 2016  – Links Updated
              JNTUK 3-1 R13 1st Mid Original Online Bits Aug 2016  
             JNTUK 2-1 R13 1st Mid Online Bits Aug 2016 
        ⇒     JNTUH MCA/MBA Exam Time Tables of I,II,III,IV,V Sem,Aug/Sep 2016  
              JNTUH B.Pharamcy/B.Tech 1-1 &1-2 Semester Acedamic Calender of A.Y 2016-2017
              JNTUK B.Pharmacy/B.Tech 2-1 (R13) 1st Mid Exam Time Tables Aug 2016  
        ⇒      JNTUH B.Pharmacy 2-2 Semester Reg/Sup Exam Results May 2016  
             JNTUK Classes And Examinations Resheduled Due To Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 
             JNTUH Promotion Rules For R15 Regulation 2016 
           JNTUK M.Pharmacy/M.Tech 1-1 Semester Reg/Sup (R09,R13) Results 
       ⇒     JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 (R05,R07,R10,R13) Reg/Sup Results
             JNTUH B.Tech 2-2 Semester Reg/Sup (R13,R09,R07,R05) Exam Results May 2016  
       ⇒    JNTUA B.Tech 4-1 Sem (R09) Supply Results 2016 
        ⇒    JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 (R13 / R09) Results May/June 2016  
             JNTUH M.Tech/M.Pharmacy Exam Time Tables I & II Semester Aug 2016  
       ⇒      Mega Job Fair at JNTUH Hyderarabad on 30th July 2016 – Apply Here
       ⇒      JNTUA B.Tech (R09) 2-2, 3-2, 4-2 sem Supply Exam Results 2016  
       ⇒      JNTUK Commencement of classwork for M.Tech & M.Pharmacy of Academic Year 2016-17  
       ⇒     JNTUH B.Tech 1st year (R15,R13,R09,R07,R05) results May 2016  
       ⇒     JNTUK B.Tech 3-1 & 3-2 Sem Reg/Sup Exam Rc/Rv Results 2016  
       ⇒    JNTUK (R13) MAM I Semester Reg/Sup Exam Results June 2016   
       ⇒    JNTUA B.Pharmacy Supply Results 1st year, 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2,4-1,4-2 (R09) May 2016
       ⇒    JNUTK B.Pharmacy 2-1, 2-2 Sem Regular/Supply Results(R07,R10,R13) May 2016
       ⇒    JNTUK B.Tech 2-2 Sem Reg / Supply Exam Results Info  
       ⇒    JNTUH B.Pharmacy 3-2 Sem (R07,R09,R13) Reg/Sup Results May 2016   
       ⇒    JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Sem Supply Exam Results(R05,R07,R10,R13) May 2016     
       ⇒    JNTUH Recounting /Revaluation of 4-2 B.Tech/B.Pharmacy Results May 2016  
       ⇒    JNTUK PC & CMM Are Dispatched by JNTUK kakinada for 2016 Outgoing batch    
       ⇒    JNTUA MBA/MCA I, II & V Semesters Regular/Supply Exam Results May 2016  
       ⇒    JNTUK Jumbling center list for B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 4-2 sem Adv supply Exam
       ⇒    How To Get Anything From Google For Free 
      ⇒   JNTUK Examinations sheduled on 7th july Are postponed
         JNTUH B.Tech/B.Pharmacy(R09,R07,R05,NR) 4-2 sem Adv supply Time Table july 2016
      ⇒   JNTUA All the exams sheduled on 7th july 2016 are postponed & Resheduled
      ⇒   JNTUH M.tech/M.pharmacy I & II sem exam fee notification AUG 2016
      ⇒   JNTUK 3-1(R10 ,R13 ,R07 ,R05) Supply exam results mar/apr 2016


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